Green Living tips are important because living green is no longer an option... It is a necessity.  Sustainability should not be a foreign concept.  It is realistically achievable. Understandably everyone can't just wake up tomorrow and be the king/queen of living green, but steps can be taken.  Start using CFL light bulbs, install a faucet aerator and a low flow shower head or even look into rain barrels.   When you leave a room turn off the lights and save some energy.  Now is the time for you to start Living Green.  Hopefully the Gotta Go Green Now site will give you some informational tips and ideas on how to initiate a green living lifestyle and save you some $GREEN$ in the process.  DO YOUR PART. GO GREEN!

Gotta Go Green Now Green Living Tips - Disclaimer 

Green Living Tip 1

CFL Light Bulbs 

An ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) is a great alternative to an incandescent bulb and a great way to begin going green. Making the switch to CFL's will save approximately...
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Green Living Tip 2

Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels are another item in the water conservation realm.  A Rain Barrel will help conserve the amount of water used, reduce run off and is a much better source for watering plants and grass as it contains...
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Green Living Tip 3

Low Flow Shower Heads

Like Faucet aerators low flow shower heads can significantly reduce water consumption.  There can be as much as...
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Green Living Tip 4

Programmable Thermostat 

Everyone likes to save money on energy.  The use of a programmable thermostat allows homeowners to better control the temperature of their home.  Every degree you can do without can provide an energy savings of approximately...
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Green Living Tip 5

Attic Door Cover 

Attic doors are often times poorly/not insulated.  Leaving the attic door in this state is like leaving a window open a few inches all year round.  A solution for this is to...
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Quick GREEN LIVING Tips & Quips:

Shrek is Green, The Hulk is Green.  Shouldn't you be Going Green too
Go Green and get $Green$
Save the Earth! We can't move to Mars!
I'm Green, You're Green... We should be Going Green together
Live Simple... Go Green
Living Green = Healthy Living = Sustainable Living
Green me up Scotty
FEATURED GREEN VIDEO: A Good video clip from the hit TV show Living with Ed.  Look up Going Green in the dictionary and you will find Ed's picture. This is a funny show that depicts all aspects of sustainability for homeowners. Ed is famous for his solar panels, Rain Barrels, CFL Light Bulbs, wind turbines, solar tubes, affinity for energy savings and all things green.  This show is full of Green Living eco tips that will help to educate, inform and even entertain.

YouTube Video


FEATURED GREEN PRODUCT  -   Seventh Generation Household Supplies

Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner

Seventh Generation is a company committed to eco responsibility.  They state that they are "committed to becoming the world's most trusted brand of authentic, safe, and environmentally-responsible products for a healthy home".  Their product line is a diverse collection of household items from cleaners to baby care products.  They are striving to really make a difference.  Green living and sustainability are very important to Seventh Generation so they have earned a spot as a featured product.... Click here for more Info

Gotta Go Green Now Earth Day Countdown

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 I know Earth Day is every day but we do have to celebrate at some point

This section is designed to give you some suggestions that will help you live green without overly taxing the wallet:
Reusable Bags under $5.00/Bag Save paper and plastic 
 Eco Canteen for Under $10.00 - Less bottled water = less plastic.
Ziploc evolve for Under $4.00/Box - 25% less plastic in each bag.
Biodegradable Trash Bags for Under $6.00/Box - Save a landfill.  Bags that compost.

ThisOldHouse.com  - This old house provides 15 reasonably inexpensive green projects that can make your home a bit more eco friendly.  Some of the projects seem a bit out of my league but still an interesting read.  Feeling handy...
Home Depot - Eco Options Site - The Home Depot has paid attention to sustainable living.  From water conservation to a CFL light bulb recycling program the Home Depot is supporting the effort to live green.  Check out the site... It has some tips and info that you should find useful.
Greentopsites.com - This is a site that I found that provides a ranking of green sites.  There are some interesting sites ranging from Green Blogs, Renewable Energy, Green Living tips to Green Products.   I am not ranked high as of yet, but hope to be soon.  You should check out the site but of course return here for the best information.
  Green Top Sites - Ranking the Best Green Sites on the Internet
I feel the need to promote local organizations that are doing there part to promote conservation.  This is definitely a local organization commited to going green and promoting a green living lifestyle.  From Rain Barrels to Rain Gardens this site is a wealth of information when it comes to conservation.