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Car Tips

Buying a hybrid car may not be possible for everyone, but steps can be taken with your current vehicle to make sure you are optimizing fuel mileage.
First suggestion:
Proper tire pressure - Keeping your tires at the proper tire pressure can improve gas mileage by approximately 3%. For ever pound of pressure you are under the recommend PSI you are losing approximately .25%.
Second suggestion:
Lighten the load - Sometimes we carry around unnecessary weight in the car. Maybe the trunk is full of junk that has collected over time. This causes the engine to work that much harder to power your car around town and burning valuable fuel. Lighten the load and save some fuel.
Third suggestion:
Oil - Make sure you are using the proper grade of oil for your vehicle. Using the inappropriate viscosity oil can degrade gas mileage.
Fourth suggestion:
Drive Smart - Slamming on the gas and then jamming the brakes on your way home from work wont do anything but get you nowhere fast. Accelerate wisely and don’t try to set land speed records. This will improve gas mileage and reduce other maintenance issues with your car as well.
Fifth Suggestion:
Turn off AC/Heater - Your automotive AC/heating is a big time contributor to global warming.  One easy tip that can cut down on CO2 emissions is to turn off your AC/Heater a minute or two before you reach your destination.  Your car will still stay cool/warm and it will cut down on C02 emissions.