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Energy Star Appliances


It is known that appliances made in the early 1990's and prior are very inefficient as compared to newer Energy Star compliant appliances. They may actually cost 3 - 5 X (and possibly even more) to operate then a new Energy Efficient Model.  I recently replaced my washer, dish washer and Fridge with Energy Star appliances.  I significantly reduced the electricity and water consumption saving me hundreds of dollars a year.  Sure the Energy Star appliances cost a few more bucks, but it recouped in energy and water savings over the lifetime of the appliance.  Energy costs certainly will continue in an updward direction in the coming years.  You can think of your Energy Star appliances as an asset.  This effort in green living will continue to reap you rewards each time a rate hike is enacted.  Going green does pay off.
Note:  When getting rid of old appliances do your best to do so in a green manner.  Recycling or reuse is the way to go.  Remember that one persons waste is another person gold.
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