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Quick Green Living Tips & Quips


The Quick Tips and Quips page includes some going green slogans and green sayings that will help to reinforce the concept of living green.  We have also included some humorous sayings that hopefully provide some entertainment.  If you have any additional slogans or sayings that should be added visit the contact us page and send them in.

Green Living Tips & Quips
It pays to go green
Save the Earth! We can't move to Mars!
Walk don't drive
Live Simple... Go Green
Every day is Earth Day
Recycle Today for a Better Tomorrow
A little Green is better then no Green
Go Green and get $Green$
A plant a day will keep the arctic its way
Shrek is Green, The Hulk is Green.  Shouldn't you be Green too
Green Living = Healthy Living = Sustainable Living
Become an Energy Star by Going Green
Go Green Today for a better tomorrow
A CFL light bulb a day will keep the Green police away
I brake for anyone who is Going Green
Once the planet is gone, it is gone

I'm Green, You're Green... We should be Going Green together

Go Green or I will kick you in the shins

If everyone was Green we would no longer need to call it Green

Go Green by supporting a local farmer

Every day is Earth Day
If you aint Green you aint trying
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Green me up Scotty
Leave the room lose the lights
If everyone went Green we could delete this website
Going Green is Sexy