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Hot Water Heater

Hot Water Heaters can be culprits that steal energy.  By making a few simple changes you can create a savings ranging from $30 - $50 per year.  The first thing to address is the temperature of the Hot Water Heater.  By lowering the temperature of the hot water heater a few degrees you will be saving money year after year.  My hot water heater was set to about 140 degrees.  I lowered it to approximately 120 degrees.   This does equate to a nice energy savings.  Please do make sure that your dish washer has a temperature booster.  This will make sure that the water gets back up to the appropriate water temperature that is hot enough for proper cleaning of your dishes.
Secondly wrap your hot water heater in a insulating blanket.  This will make sure that the energy you are paying for to heat your water stays where it should.  These blankets are fairly inexpensive and can equate to a descent savings (about $25 a year for a hot water heater made prior to 1995).