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Rain Barrels



Rain Barrels are another item in the water conservation realm.  A Rain Barrel will help conserve the amount of water used, reduce run off and is a much better source for watering plants and grass as it contains no chemicals from treatment.  Rain Barrels can be purchased relatively cheap (Around 100 - $200 for a 50 - 65 Gallon rain barrell).  

I happen to live in an area where water management is important.  Every drop that I can keep from touching my yard is a good thing.  Rain Barrels are easy to install and relatively low maintenance (note that I did not say that there is no maintenance).  When looking into purchasing a rain barrel make sure that it does have at least two over flow ports included.  Also make sure that the spighot is in a good position.  Some barrels they are too low making access difficult.  Some barrels it is too high making it so that not all the water is usable.

Some people have concerns that a rain barrel will become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  This is not necessarily true.  Most rain barrels will come with a meshing to secure over the intake that will provide filtering of water entering the rain barrel and also prevent mosquitoes from entering.  For those that want to be extra cautious there are also tablets that can be purchased that prevent mosquitoe larvae from forming.  These tablets are placed in the rain barrel and they will kill any larvae which happen to make there way in.  The tablets will not harm pets, plants or humans.
Tip:  If you elevate a rain barrel slightly it will help water flow as the barrels are working off good ol forces of gravity.  Securing the rain barrel is also important especially if you have curious pets or curious children.
Note:  This water will not be potable so be sure NOT to drink it.
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