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Programmable Thermostat

Everyone likes to save money on energy.  The use of a programmable thermostat allows homeowners to better control the temperature of their home.  Every degree you can do without can give you an energy savings of approximately 3% in energy cost.  This may not seem like a lot, but do the math.  IT ADDS UP! Home heating and cooling is one of the most costly and energy draining actions within the home.  It is certainly necessary to heat and cool you home and there are items that can help you do so in a green manner.  A programmable thermostat will let you adjust the temperature of your house based on the time of day.  This will allow you to properly adjust the temperature of your house while you are sleeping or at work.
Some programmable thermostats are now coming with the ability to control them over an internet connection.  While I am not fully educated on this type of device it does offer some nice functionality.  For instance you normally have the programmable thermostat set to have the air conditioner cool your palatial estate (or humble abode) a few degrees before you get home from work.  Today you know you are going to be a few hours late and you  want to delay the cooling process.  Using any computer with an internet connection you could override the settings of the programmable thermostat and save the few hours of energy it would take to cool your home.  While this might not seeem like a great savings.... Ever little bit helps in an effort to go green.  One other benefit plays into the lazy factor.  You could be on the internet in your downstairs office and override the settings on your thermostat located in your upstairs living room.  Who knew going green could also save you a walk up the stairs to adjust the thermostat.
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